David was probably a little homesick when he thought of the well water there as the very best anywhere. Some of his mighty men overhear what he said and took it seriously. Certainly he had not given any orders to bring him water from that well and we learn that he had not even intended for anyone to be prompted by his words to attempt to get some. But these three brave men broke through the enemy lines, drew water for David, and then marched back twenty five miles or more round trip to bring it to him. Because David’s men brought him water at the risk of their own lives, he considered it too precious for him to drink himself and poured it out as an offering to God. David was a ‘man after God’s own heart.’  David holds his men in such high esteem that it is no wonder these men loved their King. We serve the King of Kings who holds every single person in the highest esteem possible. In fact he paid the most expensive ransom ever paid for the life of a human being. We have such value in our heavenly Father’s eyes that He gave His Son to die a horrible death on our behalf.

Pastor Rowena

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