“They mourned and wept and fasted till evening for Saul and his son Jonathan …” (2 Samuel 1:12a)

Life … circumstances & people we encountered on a daily basis influencing our thoughts & beliefs shaping us on the journey. In today’s reading, David receives news of Saul’s death. Saul, the man consumed by jealousy who hunted David for years. You might think David would be relieved to know the hunt is over. Yet when he hears of the death of Saul & Jonathan, he mourns, weeps & fasts for them … even composes a lament. Jonathan (the equivalent of David’s best friend) though he stood in line for the throne, dedicated his life to David’s rightful place. This is sorrow we understand. But Saul? The one who drove David away offering nothing but trouble. Why would David mourn over him?

Consider 3 moments – “faith moments” in David’s life: Goliath, Jonathan & Saul. Each necessary on David’s journey to become king. Each providing lessons in wisdom, humility & devotion. We experience similar “faith moments”. Goliaths – attacks from the enemy meant to scare us or divert our attention. Jonathans – people who inspire, encourage & point us towards Jesus. Then (my least favorite) Sauls – challenges or people that entice you back into old ways of thinking. How often have I stood in judgement of them rather than weeping for their souls? When we face our Goliaths, Jonathans & Sauls with confidence in Christ, fears melt away, rough edges are smoothed & encouragement ignites embers in our soul. Only then are we pliable enough to mourn for those who trouble us.


Kelly McGaha

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