The relationship between David and King Saul is one of the strangest ever recorded in the Bible. David came to Saul’s rescue on several occasions, he was best friends with the king’s son, and he married the king’s daughter.
But still, Saul was out to get the former shepherd boy. Twice Saul tried to spear David while he was playing the harp for him. And later, Saul sent his troops after the young man to try to kill him.

Yet look at what happened when the two finally crossed paths and David had the chance to kill Saul. Instead of attacking him, David sneaked up and cut off a piece of his robe. When they later met face to face, David told the king, “My hand shall not be against you.”   Saul saw that David had rewarded his evil with good, and he wept.

Sometimes we must deal with people who are eager to bring us down—or so we think; maybe an employer or a co-worker. Like David, let’s do what God would have us do—use restraint, and keep on making Jesus the center of every day life.

Pastor Rowena

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