Most of us know that when you put your ear up to the inside of a shell, you can hear what sounds like the ocean.  You could take that shell home and put it on your coffee table to admire.  However, when the shell is sitting on the coffee table, you cannot hear this “ocean” sound unless you pick it up.  This is exactly how the Word of God works.  We can’t hear the Word of God if we don’t pick up our Bibles and listen by reading what’s in it.

Luke 11:28 Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and keep it

Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ

The Bible says that faith comes by hearing.  Faith is a crucial part of who we are as believers, and we know that without faith, it’s impossible to please Him.  If we know that faith comes by hearing, it must be the Word of God that we’re listening to.  Don’t be distracted by the sounds of others, but choose to tune your ears to the Word of God only.  I remember hearing someone say that human words don’t build faith – God’s words do!  Faith can’t grow without the soil of God’s Word.  The more we wash our minds with the Word, the more our faith will continue to grow.  No matter how many times we hear the Word, it continues to strengthen our faith, give us direction, and continues to connect us to the will of God for our lives.

God’s unfailing, reliable Word is our truth.  We need to know the truth, and live out the truth daily!  During this holiday season, don’t allow the Word of God to sit on the coffee table.  Pick it up, read it, and hear the sound of the voice of God.

Wendell Butler