Here it says that the word and the law of God is sweeter than honey on the lips of the person receiving it and meditating on it day and night, which is what we’re all called to do. Not just pastors, directors, and teachers, but followers of Christ. Now I’m not saying that every word in the Bible makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I mean have you met Leviticus? But studying the Bible, and reading over it and meditating on it, isn’t about the text itself but the Word. The Word that was made flesh: Jesus- and in dwelling on it we get to know Him: God.

The Bible isn’t a text book for Godly living, it’s a description AND a prescription or, if you will, correction AND connection. It tells of the one we’ve committed our lives to and maps out the best way to follow Him. In every reading there is a new revelation! Picture this: you’re sitting in your favorite chair and you’re reading your Bible and you come to a scripture you used to love as a child but it has a brand new meaning to you now, because you’ve grown so much since that was just something in your memory verse! It breaks your heart to see just how much God loves you. A single tear is shed as you think of all the things He’s brought you through by the power of His mighty right hand while holding you all of the days of your life. His tender care for you has been close when you were broken hearted and His law has been stern in its protection over your life. That’s new revelation. That’s the living, breathing, relevant word of God slipping into you today, what was only a memory verse yesterday. But it doesn’t come easy, that’s where dwelling comes in.

Psalm 119: 97-104 Oh how I love your law it is my meditation all the day….how sweet are your words to my taste sweeter than honey to my mouth.

The Bible isn’t the kind of work like The Rainbow Fish where you read it once, know what happened, and leave it. God is STILL working through the Bible to speak, encourage, correct, teach, and guide His people toward His heart. It’s changing lives today because it’s not a manual, it’s a person.  We love God and respond to His initial step of loving us by listening to what He has to say, reading over it for ourselves that He may reveal something to our hearts, and caring about what He cares about. Not to say that you could ever love God more than He loves you because well, you can’t. But we search His love and really find the lover of our souls by seeing Him in His word. Which all started with a baby in a manger.


Cassie Davis