Triumphant Entry

April 14, 2014Weekly Devotional

Pastor Rowena shared from Matthew 21 about Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and how a major reason for His coming was to deal with sin. She communicated that if we don’t see sin for what it really is that it will inevitably creep in, which often begins when we distort God’s Word.  God’s Word must … Read More

Today’s Prayer:

April 12, 2014God’s Power to Pray For

Lord Jesus, strengthen my faith and keep calling me to new and exciting journeys with You. What can I do next to continue growing my “first love” for You? (Write down possible next steps God may have you take).

Daily Question

April 12, 2014God’s Person to Share With

Discuss with your prayer partner what your next journey of faith might be as you continue to follow Christ and become more Jesus-centered in your life. Celebrate with a time to get a coffee together and have a final review of the highlights of this five-week journey together. Finish with a prayer of thanks.

Friday – Daily Questions

April 11, 2014Kids Discussion Questions

How do you treat people who don’t look like you or have the same type of family as you? Do you treat people nice and love them as Jesus would want you to, no matter what people look like or where they come from?

Today’s Prayer:

April 11, 2014God’s Power to Pray For

Jesus, I want to see You where I have never seen or appreciated You before in my church. Open my eyes to see You in Christians who are different than me. 

Today’s Prayer:

April 10, 2014God’s Power to Pray For

Lord Jesus, guide me in my relationships and don’t allow me to isolate. Give me faith, hope, and love for people around me. Please help me overcome my tendency to isolate in the following areas: