If you’ve ever wanted to love God’s Word more, now is the time!

“And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, Jesus explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself.”  Luke 24:27

What is Summer Playlist?

We are going to read through the 50 most essential stories of the Old Testament this summer and understand how they are all about Jesus in our everyday lives. You will finally get through the Old Testament story and understand it like never before!

Each Sunday (starting June 7) the sermon will teach us how to see Jesus in a group of five Old Testament stories. We will learn to hear His voice in our everyday lives. Then you will have one of those stories each weekday to read with Jesus (and others if you would like).

Each day you can:

  1. Use this daily time in God’s Word to meet with Jesus
  2. Ask “Where is Jesus and how does this story show me how He is with me today?”
  3. Check out the daily thought or update on our Summer Playlist Facebook Group.
  4. Find other ways to share this reading experience with others.

Use the Bible App

  • Read along using convenient plans on the YouVersion Bible App.
  • In the app, simply search for “Essential 100” in Plans.
  • We recommend using the 5 day plans, starting with Week 1.
  • These plans have a short devotional, the day’s scripture reading, and an area where you can read together and discuss with friends!

More Ways to Join In

Get The Plan

If the app isn’t for you, you can get a paper copy of the reading plan.

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