How to Refresh and Recover This Summer

There’s nothing like Richmond’s own James River! If you’ve been there, you know it can bring relief and refreshing with its beauty, power and life. The only issue is you have to go there to experience those things. It’s the same with the book of James– James writes to Christians who a need to recover and refresh from the trials they’ve been through. James, inspired by the Holy Spirit, shows the beauty, power and life that faith in Jesus can be if we will step in! This summer we will study the book of James and find out how refreshing God’s living water can be. Join us and bring a friend!

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Anedra Butler - June 27, 2021

Put Your Faith Into Practice

Life is a journey filled with many undetectable roadblocks that we can't see with the natural eye. Their sole purpose is to deter us from reaching our destination. We have a map, the Word of God, that provides us with clear instructions on navigating this life and avoiding the roadblocks it brings. If we want to live a blessed life, we have to follow the map (the Word of God) and do what it says.

Scripture References: James 1:19-25


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