Love One Another

At the end of Jesus’ earthly life, Jesus gave the disciples a final command (a sort of bucket list) to fulfill the rest of their lives and it was this:
“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)

On June 4th, we kick off our summer bucket list as a church family. The bucket list will be filled with practical and powerful ways to live out the one another’s in the New Testament. You’ll get to build great memories with family, friends, neighbors, church family and maybe even people you’ve never met before. As you’re doing this, our summer sermons will be focused on one of the main twelve “one another” verses in the Bible each Sunday.

This summer get ready to go on a mission trip of love that starts in your own home and may lead you to places you’ve never been! Get ready for the adventure! Get ready to experience God! Get ready to . . . love one another!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Connect with Other Cornerstone Families on the Summer Bucket List

With the Family

  1. Host a Backyard VBS for my neighborhood with Cornerstone’s VBS curriculum.
  2. Pick a Summer Devotional Book, RightNow Media series or a Book of the Bible to read through together.
  3. Take my family on a summer missions trip.
  4. Plan a summer mission trip to your neighborhood: have a cookout or organize Neighbors Night Out (Aug 1st).
  5. Do a Family Service Project with CRC, the Chesterfield Foodbank, or The Petersburg Men’s Shelter.
  6. Have a Family Worship Night.
  7. Volunteer to read at Shady Hill’s Big Pal/Little Pal summer reading program one time/ once a month or once a week.
  8. Take some time to bless people who serve your family in different ways!
  9. Plan summer parent-child date nights with each of the kids – at least one for each during the summer or one each month.
  10. Do an inexpensive version of “Extreme Bedroom Makeover” and have a blast having the entire family celebrate one of the kids who doesn’t always get the most attention.
  11. Is there a promise from the Bible that is for your family? Why not figure out how to get it up on one of your walls in your house/apartment in a creative and beautiful way?
  12. Choose an elderly neighbor to do some yard work for and/or bake some cookies for – include a card with prayers and a scripture.
  13. Invite other church young moms to get together at a park, pool or have lunch together to help each other keep those young kids busy!
  14. Visit all the shut-in church members of Cornerstone. Leave notes of encouragement and scriptures that blesses the shut-in and the family representing the shut-in.
  15. For 6 weeks, work together as a family to have everyone memorize one scripture. Then, meet together for family devotions at the end of the week to discuss what the verse means.

With my Church Family

  1. Invite another church family over for dinner.
  2. Host a home group for the summer using Right Now Media for Curriculum
  3. Plan to go out to Sunday lunch with a member or couple that you need to catch up with.
  4. Plan a fishing trip, a beach day, or a night out with friends from my Sunday Team.
  5. Start a Seniors Small Group for 2nd Wednesday Morning of the Month.
  6. “Carry another’s burden” each day in prayer this summer.
  7. Plan to do Sunday lunch with a member or couple who is new to you at Cornerstone.
  8. Identify an elderly member or young family that could use some help with their yard or home – get two or three other church members and make it a fun half a day blessing party!
  9. Form a small group to go through the curriculum ‘How to Share Jesus Without Fear’. Then, pick a night to visit a local shopping mall (or place where many people are present) to practice what you have learned in the food court to strangers.
  10. Form a small group, and each day, send out one thought-provoking question for everyone to answer…keeping people centered in Jesus.

With Others

  1. Start a Running Small Group that runs the James River Splash and Dash 6k on July 15.
  2. Host a women’s prayer brunch.
  3. Invite a neighbor over for dinner and invite them to church.
  4. Share my testimony with 5 people.
  5. Start a summer small group at Starbucks, the gym, at the community pool. Whether it’s just for 3 weeks or one time – invite others to hear how they are doing, share a scripture and pray.
  6. Start a summer “encourage one another” program for your work place. Send an encouraging verse each day to employees that would be willing to take part.
  7. Host a small group (home, public place, or library) for non-believers using the ‘Reason for God’ curriculum.
  8. Host either a men’s or women’s group to study a short book of the Bible, such as Philippians, Colossians, James, etc.