On Sunday night, June 11, 2023 God marked an important moment in our church history. This night explained why God gave us the theme “reset” for the summer and how that word applies to the season God has just passed through.

We hope you will prayerfully watch each chapter of this night and then join in our “411 daily prayer” for the five-fold move of the Holy Spirit in our midst.


During our sacred assembly, Pastor Shawn led us in remembering God’s purpose for Cornerstone and how each season has led us to this “reset.”

We reviewed:

1. Our call to be Kingdom partners with God who called to: plant, nurture, protect, harvest and multiply.
2. The seasons of orientation, disorientation and new orientation found in the Psalms.
3. The different seasons of Cornerstone as a healing center:
– Pastor Gary Williamson who focused on physical healing
– Pastor Wayne Mancari who focused on inner healing
– And my (Pastor Shawn) calling for community healing.

4. How the last three years, which started with our third church plant in the middle of COVID, was a time of great transition and disorientation for our church and society. We shared how to be God’s “L.E.A.R.N.E.R.” in the midst of times of change and then how to release that season of transition in humilty, teachability and peace.

5. What God was helping us learn in our staff, mortgage and spanish ministry during this season of transition and what changes we are making so we could flourish in the next season.

Finally, we finished recognizing that this summer finishes a season of reset we have experienced in the past three years and how the Fall will be a time of new Kingdom vision and joy. Therefore, we need to spend the summer seeking the five-fold move of the Holy Spirit outlines in Ephesians 4:11.

Please make a commitment to pray every day at 4:11pm for that days focus!

Let us consecrate ourselves in prayer because tomorrow will do AMAZING things!

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