Our Focus This Summer

Seasons have meanings! Summer is meant to be a time to refresh and refocus. That is the exact purpose of the letter of 1st Peter in the Bible. The Holy Spirit leads the Apostle Peter to write to Christians who are weary and suffering for their faith in Jesus. Peter reminds these followers that being part of the Kingdom of God means this world is not your home and shows them the keys to victory in it. This is an important message we will study unit by unity in 1 Peter each Sunday in June and July.

Kingdom Conversations

Speaker Series on Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Join our pastoral team for a favorite summer program from last year: Kingdom Conversations! Every Wednesday we will take that week’s focus in 1 Peter and hear from someone in our community who is living out its truth in practical and inspiring ways. These nine Kingdom Conversations will refresh our minds and hearts through the Scripture and the Spirit. Each night a national or community guest speaker will join one of the pastors to set a Biblical and real life perspective for the topic and then there will be discussion and Q & A.

June 5th | Dr. Wayne Mancari | What It Means to Be God’s Chosen People

June 12st | Dr. Peter Pinion | Healthy Strategies for Dealing With Pain

June 19th | Rev. Jamal Riley | Appreciating the Kingdom Lessons of Juneteenth

June 26th | Delegate Mike Cherry | Serving in Government as a Christian

July 3rd | Jim Holland | Serving in Government as a Christian

July 10th | Jane Abbate and Tammy Holzbach | Walking Through Pregnancy Loss

July 17th | Brittany Jones | Walking With Jesus and Mental Illness

July 24th | Kiva Rodgers | Leading For Christ In The Workplace

July 31st | Manny Pena | Standing Firm and Moving Forward As A Church