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When Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples, He meant for that to happen in and through our homes. The Great Commission Homes series teaches you how to keep your home filled with the joy and purpose of His mission with four simple monthly steps.



Jesus teaches us that worship leads us towards His Mission and purpose for our lives, so we want to help you re-establish family worship as a priority in your house. This can happen alone or with others, and with or without singing!



The Bible calls disciples to get together and encourage each other in their faith and fulfilling God’s great mission. We’ll teach you a few simple questions that keep you accountable and motivated to go and make disciples through what God is doing in those you live with.



Faith without works is dead, and the Gospel without a witness is incomplete to the world around us. We’ll teach you simple steps and witnessing strategies you can use as a family to your neighbors and friends.



We can plant the seeds of witness, but only God makes them grow! We’ll teach you a model of intercession that any home can use with any Scripture and with any age level. God calls His people to pray and when we do mountains get moved!

Watch the sermons on each topic below.

Title- Watch or Listen Date Speaker Series Topics Scripture
There Is Great Joy In The Great Commission August 9, 2015 Shawn Franco Summer of Faith_logo-180x180 Missions Psalm 68:31-35
The Foundation: Worship August 16, 2015 Shawn Franco Great Commission-180x180 Worship Matthew 28:16-19
Witnessing August 23, 2015 Travis Jones Great Commission-180x180 Witnessing Matthew 28:16-20
Encouraging One Another Through God’s Word August 30, 2015 Shawn Franco Great Commission-180x180 Encouragement Matthew 28:18-20
The Power and Purpose of Intercession September 6, 2015 Shawn Franco Great Commission-180x180 Intercession Matthew 9:35-38