October 13- November 10

First steps determine final destinations and you shouldn’t wait one more day to start moving towards the goals you know God created you for. Each week we’ll explain the first steps God created to successfully reach the most important goals in life as you learn to put God first in your time, relationships, possessions and future. Each week we’ll give a simple goal to get you started while calling our church family to some goals we can achieve together during the series.

Church Family Goals

Canned goods donated to food bank

Welcomed through our doors Sundays

Connected through Keep Growing

Committed as first-time tithers

Weekend Line Up

October 13- Football Sunday
To kick off the series, we’re inviting you to represent your favorite football team with a jersey or team gear, and then get ready for a little tail-gating after the Service. We also are asking that everyone invite and bring someone to church with them. We will be planning the entire service and message with those who are far from God in mind.

October 20
You can’t get to God’s goals without the right people around you. Discover the right relationships God says will lead you towards His best.

October 27
How do you respond with someone (or something) else tries to lead your next step? Jesus gives us a promise and a principle for keeping our end goal in mind each day.

November 3
Making the right first steps in your finances is vital for your practical life and your spiritual as well.

November 10- Soup-er Bowl Sunday
We’ll complete the series by celebrating our goals,and talk about how to keep the right first habits in your daily life.