What is Elijah House Prayer Ministry Training?

Elijah House Prayer Ministry training is a unique discipleship/training course that has been an integral part of Cornerstone over the past 20 years. Students experience the presence of the Holy Spirit as He guides each into truth, prayer, and freedom. They discover that old attitudes and behaviors can be brought to death, relationships can be restored within themselves, their friends and families, and with God Himself. Participants often move from their own healing into the desire to see others healed, transformed, and set free to fulfill their purposes in God.

About the Class

Cornerstone Freedom Ministry is happy to announce the return of Elijah Prayer Ministry Training to Cornerstone this Fall. This class will be facilitated by the Reverend Jean Trainer of Dominion Counseling and Training Center located in Richmond, Virginia. She has served the Body of Christ in the field of Christian Counseling and Prophetic Teaching of the Word of God for over 35 years.

The format includes live teaching, dvd teaching, homework and small group participation. College credit is available upon satisfactory completion of this class.

Register and Pay Now

Basic Tuition and Fees$309.00

All texts below are required. If you are sharing with a spouse, or if you already own them, you may not need to purchase the books. A shipping fee will also be included. After adding each item, click Continue Shopping. (Top right Corner)

--All Books Below--$78.00
Restoring The Christian Family$12.00
Transforming The Inner Man$12.00
Letting Go of Your Past$12.00
God's Power To Change$12.00
Growing Pains$12.00
Deliverance and Inner Healing$18.00

For Returning Students

Tuition for Repeat Student$90.00
Workbook for Repeat Student$50.00

Course 201 Curriculum

  • Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
  • Bitter Judgments & Expectancies
  • Ministry Tools 1 – The Simplest Tools
  • Inner Vows
  • Heart & Mind
  • Ministry Tools 2 – Following the Holy Spirit
  • Foundational Lies
  • Bitter Fruits
  • Ministry Tools 3 – Interviewing
  • Accomplishing Forgiveness
  • Repentance & Restitution
  • Rightly Expressing Emotions
  • Honoring Father & Mother – Resurrection Side of Healing
  • Unmet Needs
  • Shame
  • Praying to Release Trauma
  • Burden-Bearing
  • Deliverance and Inner Healing
  • Performance Orientation
  • Parental Inversion
  • Reconciling With God – Healing Spiritual Rebellion
  • How We See God
  • Common Errors in Prayer Ministry
  • Sealing Our Healing
  • Reconciliation