June 6 – 26

Over the next 21 days we will explore the verses of Acts 7, the longest recorded speech in this defense of the Christian faith that Luke wrote to Theophilus (Acts 1.1), making up over a fifth of the entire book. Clearly, these words are important to Luke and the early Church.

Each day we will find our way through the life of Stephen as he retells the entire story of the Old Testament, from God’s choosing of Abraham found in Genesis, through the prophets, to the good news of Jesus Christ we find in the New Testament. With each reflection we will look at the voices he carries, why they were important to Stephen and why they are important for us too. Ultimately though, if we stop the conversation there the story will be as memorable as a telenovela with too many characters and complicated plot lines. We need to have the narrator and author of the story speak into our lives today. Every day, take a few minutes to pray, both lifting your voice and hearing the voice of God responding. This can be done alone with God or gathered with other believers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with God, to lift those stories and voices that have defined you, for good or bad, and invite the Lord to bring life-giving redemption and transformation.

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