Five weeks of preparing for God's greater move in our church

In John 17:11 Jesus prayed that all of His disciples would be one. As a church, understanding the mission, priorities and standards God has given us based on His Word helps us have unity within our great diversity (especially in such confusing times). Knowing our mission in a deeper way will give us the ability to be ALL IN together for His glory 365 days a year!

As we take the five weeks in October to study the life of the early church in Acts 10:9-12:24, we will see what being ALL IN is all about. Please join us for weekly sermons, small group lessons and daily devotions as we seek to give our lives to Christ in greater ways and see His greater move in us and through us to a world in need.

Weekly Study Guides

Week 1 Sunday, Oct 2 – Saturday, Oct 8 [pdf]
Week 2 Sunday, Oct 9 – Saturday, Oct 16 [pdf]
Week 3 Sunday, Oct 17 – Saturday, Oct 24 [pdf]
Week 4 Sunday, Oct 25 – Saturday, Nov 1 [pdf]
Week 5 Sunday, Nov 2 – Saturday, Nov 5 [pdf]

Sunday Messages

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Cornerstone 365

If you missed Pastor Shawn teaching on the Biblical basis for our mission, priorities and standards, see them here:

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