Our Pilgrimage To Pentecost In 2022

Cornerstone’s Study Of The Books Of Acts

At the end of 2021 God spoke to Pastor Shawn and Cornerstone’s Elders that an outpouring of His Spirit was coming in 2022.

The Lord gave Pastor Shawn a word that this upcoming year would be a time for our Cornerstone family to declare Luke 4:18-19.

In a time of Elder prayer, the Lord also revealed John 20:22, that the new year of 2022 would reflect the words of Jesus in the corresponding passage in the Gospel of John.

The Lord directed them to dedicate 2022 to the study of the book of Acts on Sunday mornings so that the Lord could prepare and shape us as a congregation in the same way He did the early church. At first, pastor Shawn planned to study through Acts 1-2 until the end of February. But as God began to speak to our church family through these passages we realized we were to continue and allow the Lord to shape us into a new expression of what the New Testament church has always been. Both signs and wonders and times of refreshing have now come upon Cornerstone and our “pilgrimage to Pentecost” continues.

These sermons are our way of inviting “all whom the Lord our God will call” (Acts 2:41) to join us on this journey as they listen to these sermons and have the same foundation and understanding for the outpouring the Lord is preparing for Cornerstone (and for the churches of Richmond we pray).

May these sermons bring a new and fresh word of the greatness of Jesus to you. May they not be confirmations of what you already know but brand new revelations of what the Lord is doing in our time and place.

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