Your first step in discovering the plan Jesus has for your life!

God has great plans, people and peace for you no matter your past, pain or present. Church is intended to bring God’s healing and peace to you. Keep Growing is designed to show you how this happens here at Cornerstone.

Start any Week

Sundays at 11:00am in Room 111

Week 1:
Helpful Habits

We form habits and then our habits form us. When Jesus comes into our lives, there are a few simple habits that can give us breakthrough in our relationship with God and healing in our lives. Together, we discover what those habits are and equip you with resources to start today.

Week 2:
Healthy Relationships

God designed us to need healthy and helpful relationships in our lives. We need them to overcome the challenges in our lives that God never meant for us to face alone. When Jesus saves us, He also calls us to love one another and discover how real-life change happens when true relationships center around Him. We will show you how to find those relationships through small groups and other connections here at Cornerstone.

Week 3:
Make a Difference

God uniquely created you and saved you so that you could make an eternal difference in the world. When we live knowing we are one of a kind, we are freed from comparison, which changes how we care for others. We will look at the dream God has for others to know Him and how you can be a part of it! Join us this week to discover your unique design and learn how you can use your God-given gifts to be a part of God’s dream.