1 Samuel 13

In v. 8-10, Saul grows tired of waiting for Samuel’s arrival so Saul offers the burnt offering to the Lord. Samuel was the one appointed to sacrifice burnt offerings to the Lord (See 1 Sam 10:8). Saul’s lack of faith was demonstrated through this simple act of disobedience, and is reflected by those under his command. His lack of repentance drew him away from God presence. From Saul’s unrepentance, we can learn about:

  1. Patience- A lack of patience often leads us down the road of good intentions. Saul’s actions seem justified…Saul waited, and Samuel didn’t show. Instead of consulting the God of patience, he made what appeared like a good choice and offered the sacrifice himself. We should never move forward with a decision until the Lord calls us to do so.
  1. Courage- A lack of courage steers us towards fear. Fear has to power to paralyze us, as Saul did nothing to keep his men from scattering. When we put our faith back in Jesus, he has the power to strengthen us to live courageously.

Think about one question: Do you follow Christ with faith or familiarity? Saul drifted further and further away from knowing the presence of the Lord because he lacked the courage to lead in faith. He was familiar with God but did not invite God’s presence into his life through repentance. As a believer, have you fallen into a lifestyle of being familiar with God but having no faith in Him?

Jason Marshall

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