“Getting to your core [person] requires following God into the unknown, into a relationship that turns your present spirituality upside-down.” (p 85)

Here’s a few ways to discover how to live faithful to our true self:

Pay attention in silence and solitude. It’s easy to lose who we are by listening to the ever-present onslaught of voices, so carve out time to quiet yourself. It won’t be easy at first, but push through!

Find companions. This journey is best experienced with trusted others, so ask the Lord to send some. But be open, because it may not be who you think!

Move out of your comfort zone. Being true to God’s plan for us can get uncomfortable so remind yourself often that Jesus is with you leading the way, which enables us to step into the unknown with assurance!

Today, be God’s treasured gift to the world that only you can be; yourself! Nothing else even comes close!

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