Who We Are:

Cornerstone Emergency Response team consist of church members that would like to use their gifts, talents, skills, and/or tools to assist members of Cornerstone in the event of a natural disaster or crisis.

Who we are not:

The Emergency Response Team is not meant to be a substitute for adequate insurance coverage or long-term professional services. We are not First Responders! Emergency needs requiring immediate medical, fire and rescue, or police attention, please call 911. However, if our church members are hit by a disaster, our Emergency Response Team will respond with assistance as they are able.

Who we assist:

Cornerstone Emergency Team will provide assistance for Cornerstone members and those that are currently going through our membership process, Keep Growing. Although we would love to be able to provide assistance for all that are in need, we want to ensure that our Cornerstone family is our priority. It is rare that we are able to respond to care needs outside of our church body, but we will respond as we are able.

Emergency Response Process:

Step 1. Inquire

A member may inquire for emergency assistance by calling Cornerstone’s Pastoral Care department at (804)748-8613. An inquiry may also be initiated by a Cornerstone staff member.

Step 2.  Complete a Ministry Intake Form

Upon receipt of an inquiry, this form (below) will initiate connecting individuals and/or families to our volunteer Emergency Response Team. This form can be initiated by members or church staff member who is aware of a member in need.

Step 3.  Review & Completion

After completion of the Ministry Intake Form, the information is sent to the Emergency Response Coordinator for review and to determine if the volunteer team is qualified to assist. The Emergency Response coordinator will contact the member within 24 hours with next steps. The Emergency Relief Coordinator and Pastoral Care department will communicate during this process to ensure that the member is cared for in the midst of disaster.