August 6 - 20

Join us this August for 15 days of prayer and reading as we set aside extra time in prayer and fasting from the world to ask God to pour out His Spirit in greater ways.

Based on Carolyn Tennant’s Catch the Wind of the Spirit

Daily Readings

(Su) 8/6 | Day 1 | Chapter 1 |p1-14

Prayer Focus: To Be the Church We Should Be

“The church is designed to carry the ongoing presence of God in the world through union with Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit… When the wind of the spirit blows, he will take us into some unusual places but following him will always be worth it.” p9

(M) 8/7 | Day 2 | Chapter 2 | 15-21

Prayer Focus: Asking for The Unity In The Spirit

“According to Paul, the purpose of the full working of all the gifts … is that the church will be built up… [and] we reach the “unity of the spirit” as [the flow of the Spirit causes us] … to work together smoothly so the church functions in unity.” p20

(Tu) 8/8 | Day 3 | Chapter 3 | 25-37

Prayer Focus: Making Space for Jesus To Draw People
“Jesus stated that when he is “lifted up from the earth”, he will “draw all people” to himself. We should be concerned whether Jesus has the chance to draw people to himself today… Are we giving him the space?” p29

(W) 8/9 | Day 4 | Chapter 4 | 41-54

Prayer Focus: Sharing the Love of Jesus with The Lost
“When we take time to pray to God about those he has placed on our hearts, something happens. We start to love them more, to have compassion… and to become more sensitive to their needs and points of view. God teaches us how to love them without an agenda.” p50

(Th) 8/10 | Day 5 | Chapter 5 | 55-64

Prayer Focus: That New Believers Will Be Discipled Well
“God intends for us to journey alongside those who are saved all the way through to maturity. We need to be conscious of where each convert is along the way in their individual growth and development. This is the responsibility of the church.” p61

(F) 8/11 | Day 6 | Chapter 6 | 67-81

Prayer Focus: God Will Raise Us Up to Disciple Others
“Teaching people to obey everything Jesus commanded (Matthew 28: 20) is part of the Great Commission and is as essential to the life and vitality of the church as evangelism. It demands our attention.” p67-68

(Sa) 8/12 | Day 7 | Chapter 7 | 83-98

Prayer Focus: That We Will Join Together Consistently
“Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion of rich healthy blood to a sick man. If we want a strong church body, we have to be willing to minister to each other – practically, lovingly, and supernaturally. …. God wants us all together” p97

(Su) 8/13 | Day 8 | Chapter 8 | 101-114

Prayer Focus: For Our Pastors and Church Leaders
“The calling of the pastor is to oversee the church, so it stays … healthy, lively, and unified body…. The pastors main concern should be whether or not the body -corporately and individually – is attached to Jesus so his life can [moves through it].” p101

(M) 8/14 | Day 9 | Chapter 9 | 117-133

Pray Focus: For Us to Hear the Voice of God More Clearly
“The Lord wants to provide us with guidance, direction, and encouraging confirmation. Through this prophetic current we come to understand how his word is applied to our situation, and we have the opportunity to obey explicitly.” p126

(Tu) 8/15 | Day 10 | Chapter 10 | 137-153

Prayer Focus: The Gift of Healthy Prophecy Will Grow Among Us
“[Those who God uses in the prophetic… stand in the council of God and speak what he wants. They don’t get their words from … their own minds and thinking. They spend time with the Lord and listen to his voice…. they know how to pray and intercede consistently.” p139

(W) 8/16 | Day 11 | Chapter 11 | 157-170

Prayer Focus: That We Will See the Big Picture of God’s Kingdom
“If we didn’t have this [apostolic] current, the local church would get stuck within its own parameters. It would incline towards selfishness and internal stagnation… the local church has to extend in order to be healthy. The Kingdom of God is so much greater than any single church.” p164

(Th) 8/17 | Day 12 | Chapter 12 | 173-187

Prayer Focus: God Will Fill Us with Power To Reach The Unreached
“Whenever you see someone or a group going into a new area … you probably have apostolic work involved… [This sending current] flows to communities, regions, states, and countries. There are no boundaries to its swooshing flow, and we need it desperately.” p186-187

(F) 8/18 | Day 13 | Chapter 13 | 191-204

Prayer Focus: For God to Reset & Renew Us
“Looking through the lens of the five gifts Jesus gave to the church focuses our thinking upon what is crucial for the church today … With the five currents in operation, all aspects of a revitalized church will surge, and the church will be on the move.” p191-192

(Sa) 8/19 | Day 14 | Chapter 14 | 205-223

Prayer Focus: For God to Relaunch Us into A New Season
“In revival, the Lord will invigorate and revitalize the church through providing a greater flow of his work in all the five currents of the apostolic, the prophetic, true pastoring, in-depth discipleship [teaching], and effective evangelism.” p207

(Su) 8/20 | Day 15 | Final Prayers in Sunday Service

“Our Leadership Conference is Sunday, August 27. As we prepare for the new discipleship year, may God finish this season of resetting so we can begin to prepare for new vision and new Kingdom missions ahead” – Pastor Shawn