God answered Israel’s call for a king by having Samuel anoint Saul. When you look at Saul’s genealogy, occupation and life experiences, Saul seemed an unlikely candidate to do anything great for God. But God never looks on a person’s past to determine their future and He fully knew Saul’s calling and what he’d need to fulfill that.

Today, God still calls each of His children to do great things for Him and He knows what we need to accomplish that.

Notice what He did in and for Saul and compare in parenthesis what He’s done/doing for us.

  1. He sent him a prophet. (God sent us His only Son.)
  2. He gave him advance notice of future happenings so Saul would believe Samuel. (He gave us His Holy Word so we could believe His promises and plans for us.)
  3. He changed his heart. (He makes us a new creation.)
  4. He was temporarily filled with His Spirit. (He eternally fills us with His Spirit.)
  5. He surrounded him with valiant men, whose hearts God had touched. (He gives us a church family whose hearts have been touched by God and who are courageously holding onto God’s calling in their lives.)

Even after all that, Saul initially hid among the baggage to avoid his call!

Anyone out there sensing a call to do something great for God…but fear of the future or recollection of your past has you hiding in the baggage compartment?

All that we need to walk out God’s plan for today (and tomorrow) has already been provided through our relationship with Jesus…we have only to say YES!

Pastor Sandy

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