Lead A Group

Small groups are led by people just like you.

We believe real life-change happens in small groups. You can make a difference by opening up your home to a small group of people, share a Bible study at a coffee shop, or help unbelievers explore who Jesus is.

Submit the form below and attend our Small Group Leader Training, happening every 3rd week of Keep Growing.

First Time Leader?

We are thrilled you want to step up and lead a small group!
Fill out the Leader Application (link below) to get started. Also, please note that all small group leaders must complete “Keep Growing: Small Groups.”

Need some Guidance?

The videos below contain helpful information to get anyone started on the path to hosting a successful Cornerstone small group.

Small Group Registration

  • Requirements for people to be in your group- ex- gender, age, life stage, must purchase book, must have ability, etc.
  • How do you plan to incorporate encouragement, scripture, prayer and next steps in Christ as part of your small group?
  • Child Care:
    Please be aware that we are not currently able to provide childcare for your group. Please contact Pastor Jason if this will be a problem.
  • Ex- phone number or email address. Note if texting is allowed. You can use Cornerstone's contact info, but this is not preferred.
  • Do you have any questions/concerns/reservations about leading a small group that leadership can help you address?
  • Cornerstone’s small group ministries do not provide corporate promotions of individual small groups. This includes such promotions as video announcements, bulletin communication, newsletter ads, foyer displays, flyers, and social media coverage. The primary promotion of individual small groups is the responsibility of the small group leader(s). Cornerstone will provide a listing of current small groups on the church website.