Cornerstone’s first course for all new attenders

God has a great plan and purpose for your life that you can’t even imagine.
The church exists to help you grow into that overcoming and victorious life. All of this is done through, by, and for Jesus.

Who: Any new attender (from a new believer to a 20-year church attender)
Why: To give you a personal plan to Keep Growing at Cornerstone.

Jesus died to forgive us for our sins. He rose again to give us a new life. Before that, He lived among us to show us how to live His new life. By His grace, how He lived is how we should live. There are four key patterns of Jesus’ life that we should follow. These patterns are what our church wants to help you keep growing into.

Start any Sunday

Week 1: Daily Godly Habits

Luke 9:23 tells us that we must “pick up your cross daily”. We will focus on four habits that will begin, grow and sustain your life in Christ. This course covers salvation, water baptism & Cornerstone discipleship resources

Week 2: Worshiping Together

Matthew 6:9- Jesus taught us to regularly pray about “hallowing” God together in Matthew 6:9. We’ll talk about worshiping together as a church family, and Cornerstone’s vision, priorities and church membership

Week 3: Real life change in a Small Group

Jesus models a life that constantly had a small group of close friends. Jesus’ call to love one another happens best in small groups. We’ll show you how to connect with a small group or lead one at Cornerstone.

Week 4: The Heart of Serving

Jesus told the disciples He set for us an example to follow in John 13:15. We’ll focus on the power of serving God’s greater purpose in life, and how to find and connect to a Sunday Team at Cornerstone.

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