The Word Tells Us Jesus Is Coming Again

December 23, 2017Daily Reading

December 23rd. Two days away from Christmas.  Most of us are working hard to get everything ready.  We are working hard because we want the day to be filled with joy and love.  There is a great sense of anticipation and joy for Christmas morning to finally get here.  That’s how Jesus, “the Word made flesh” (John 1:14) and “the word of God” (Rev. 19:13) feels about the day we are finally with Him and the struggles and attacks of sin and the world are over.  Revelation 19:11-13 reminds us … Read More

Study The Word and Search The Scriptures

December 22, 2017Daily Reading

So, you’ve been reading this devotional, you come to Cornerstone, you love God and have committed your life to Him.  Those things are all awesome!  You’ve been reading your Bible and you and your family are growing in your spirituality – taking a journey that will yield much fruit. As you approach this day, I would submit that reading the Bible to check something off of your to-do list is not enough. Is the discipline of consistency in your Bible reading admirable?  Absolutely!  But scripture is not just a book … Read More

Love The Word and Let It Dwell In Our Hearts

December 21, 2017Daily Reading

Here it says that the word and the law of God is sweeter than honey on the lips of the person receiving it and meditating on it day and night, which is what we’re all called to do. Not just pastors, directors, and teachers, but followers of Christ. Now I’m not saying that every word in the Bible makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I mean have you met Leviticus? But studying the Bible, and reading over it and meditating on it, isn’t about the text itself but … Read More

Feed On The Word, For It Is Our Spiritual Food

December 20, 2017Daily Reading

During this time of year, we all look forward to the holidays because we get to feast on lots of delicious food!  Each year, we gather around the table and we get to enjoy the food and fellowship with family and friends.  It’s a time that we look forward to all year long.  However, the one table that we should desire to feast from this holiday season is the table of God. The Bible says that as Christians, we should long for pure spiritual milk, which refers to the Word … Read More

Teach The Word to Our Children

December 19, 2017Daily Reading

While stationed in Hawaii, a few months before my beautiful daughter Tia was born, I was given a Bible from my parents for Christmas.  When Tia would cry, I would read it to her and she would instantly quiet down. If I stopped reading, she would cry again, so I would read more and she would calm again until she dozed off.  I didn’t realize it then, but God was filling me so that I could pour into her. By the time she was a toddler, I was praying over … Read More

The Word Guides Us and is a Light to Our Path

December 18, 2017Daily Reading

How would you feel having to travel alone through a dark and lonely forest at night without any light?  I am sure none of us would volunteer for this! The world we live in has become a very dark place – dark because of willful sin and its seeming pleasure, causing many to walk around in darkness, unable to see their way.  They have been blinded from the truth of God’s Word because of their rejection of it and their refusal to obey it.  We know these people, we see … Read More

The Word Cleanses Us Spiritually

December 16, 2017Daily Reading

The word cleanses us spiritually.  When I think of this, I think of Psalm 119:9. How can a young person stay on the path of purity?  By living according to your Word.  I know the psalmist uses the word “young” in this scripture.  I personally think it pertains to anyone who is trying to live a life of purity! Whenever you think of living a pure life, it seems pretty impossible.  Thank God for the second part of verse 9 by living “according to your Word.”  I’m glad we do … Read More

The Word Is Truth

December 15, 2017Daily Reading

Most of us know that when you put your ear up to the inside of a shell, you can hear what sounds like the ocean.  You could take that shell home and put it on your coffee table to admire.  However, when the shell is sitting on the coffee table, you cannot hear this “ocean” sound unless you pick it up.  This is exactly how the Word of God works.  We can’t hear the Word of God if we don’t pick up our Bibles and listen by reading what’s in … Read More

Meditating In The Word Causes Prosperity and Success

December 14, 2017Daily Reading

The Bible is full of God’s promises and commands, and I had read this verse many times (Joshua 1:8), but it did not impact or changed my life until I read it and accepted as a command from God. Accepting it as a command from God pushed me to be consistent on studying and meditating on the Word on a daily basis.  It changed my life tremendously.  Before being consistent, I was always rushing in the morning and in a bad mood.  I usually put my daughter on the bus … Read More

The Word Gives Us Faith, Truth, Wisdom, and Strength

December 13, 2017Daily Reading

I remember going through a season of my Christian walk where I was told to “trust your feelings.”  We were taught with good intentions meaning to feel for the Holy Spirit, but there was an over-emphasis on that “feeling” word. Sometimes when we are seeking for an answer from God in hard times – and even any time – some of us feelings are how we hear God’s voice.  At times we even trust it more than what God has already said in His word for us.  It’s easy to … Read More