Summer of Faith

July 31, 2015Pastor's Blog

2 Samuel 4 Although Saul persecuted David for many years David was gracious in his dealings with him and 2 Samuel 4 showcases this. Considering David’s ill treatment we may wonder why. I believe in part it was because David respected the office of king that Saul had held and that respect was extended to Saul’s children. David believed that God was able (and trustworthy) to deal with the former “dynasty”, so he would not be a part of executing judgement against them, even though he didn’t agree with all that they … Read More

2 Samuel 3

July 30, 2015Pastor's Blog

“They buried Abner in Hebron; and the king lifted up his voice and wept at the grave of Abner, and all the people wept… now all the people took note of it, and it pleased him.” 2 Samuel 3: 31-36 David wasn’t playing the hypocrite. His enemy Abner had been brutally killed by one of his own men. Lesser men than David would have used this situation to their political advantage, but David acting as a “man after God’s own heart”, genuinely mourns for Abner and the people can tell … Read More

Season of Transition

July 29, 2015Pastor's Blog

2 Samuel 2 Whenever there is a change of leadership, it is not uncommon for power struggles and conflict to follow. Abner sets Ish-bosheth as king over Israel while David becomes king over Judah. When we are in a season of transition, there are a few ways we can let faith in Christ become a stronghold in transition. Remember God is unchanging- We easily forget that our God is the only one who never changes, therefore, he is unchanging in every changing circumstance (Hebrews 13:8). Remember who God is- He … Read More

2 Samuel 1

July 28, 2015Pastor's Blog

“They mourned and wept and fasted till evening for Saul and his son Jonathan …” (2 Samuel 1:12a) Life … circumstances & people we encountered on a daily basis influencing our thoughts & beliefs shaping us on the journey. In today’s reading, David receives news of Saul’s death. Saul, the man consumed by jealousy who hunted David for years. You might think David would be relieved to know the hunt is over. Yet when he hears of the death of Saul & Jonathan, he mourns, weeps & fasts for them … Read More

Happily Ever After

July 27, 2015Pastor's Blog

1 Samuel 31 These days I read many fairy tales about Princes to my daughters. I think their favorite is Cinderella. A poor girl living in terrible circumstances, marginalized by her evil step-mother and sisters. It seemed that nothing good would ever come her way. When she finally gets the chance to meet a wonderful prince, her time is cut short and she turns back to her horrid life. All that is left of her glorious moment is a glass slipper which falls off her foot as she dashes away. … Read More

Summer of Faith

July 24, 2015Pastor's Blog

In I Samuel 28-31 we find that David is still on the run. In fact, Saul’s pursuit was so relentless that David moved his family and men to the land of the Philistines, Israel’s arch enemy. Then, David, having been sent away from an approaching battle between Israel and the Philistines, returns home to Ziklag to discover that the Amalekites have captured their families. Verse four shares; “All the soldiers wept until they had no strength left.” In verse six we learn that “David was greatly distressed because the men … Read More

1 Samuel 29

July 23, 2015Pastor's Blog

David and his men escaped a terrible situation. They had no way to escape. If they backed off, then the Philistines would immediately sense David’s scheme and destroy them. If they went forward, David and his men would be fighting the Lord and his people.  God intervened into this difficult situation and solved the unsolvable. We should realize that no matter how difficult our situation, God can make a way of escape. God’s interception enabled David and his men to exit a nightmarish situation. If we find ourselves in a … Read More

Whom Shall You Fear?

July 22, 2015Pastor's Blog

1 Samuel 28 Perhaps no other chapter in 1 Samuel shows the dangers of living out a lifestyle of evil filled with fear. EVIL FEAR F– Saul fell away from God. Beginning in 1 Samuel 13:9, Saul feared the demands of his soldiers and became unrepentant. E– Saul exalts himself. Saul had already expelled the mediums from the land (vs. 3) but deciding that the law didn’t apply to him, he consulted a medium (witch) (v. 7). A– Saul avoids the counsel of God’s people- Saul seeks out the foolish … Read More

1 Samuel 27

July 21, 2015Pastor's Blog

“But David thought to himself, ‘One of these days I will be destroyed by the hand of Saul. The best thing I can do is escape to the land of the Philistines.’” (1 Samuel 27:1a) Bone tired? I imagine David was when we find him seeking refuge in Philistine lands. Promised to become king yet still running from his home with a price on his head. Twice he had opportunity to exact revenge and assume the throne (1 Samuel 24:4 & 1 Samuel 26:12) but realized the implications for his … Read More

Faith Practice

July 20, 2015Pastor's Blog

1 Samuel 26:1-6 Saul was after David. He was literally chasing him down. David had done absolutely nothing wrong. Saul was just jealous and paranoid. But David was in trouble. That is what makes this story so surprising – David finally had Saul in a place where David could end his own troubles by ending Saul’s life. But he doesn’t do it. He holds back, not because he loves Saul, but because he fears and respects God. Saul was God’s choice for king and David had faith in God that … Read More